Quarantine Resources

Social distancing, working from home, and quarantining can throw a wrench into our typical routine (clearly) but this time of global crisis does not require us to put our fitness goals or our prayer lives on hold or even on low-power.

In times of uncertainty, it becomes imperative to turn to those places of assurance and consistency. Through commitment to daily prayer and bodily fitness, we can carve out anchor points in our routine to stem the tide of anxiety, stress, or worry.

Free print-out weekly planners. As the world goes digital, take a moment to return to the analog.

30//30 Holy Hour

A weekly Club tradition, the 30//30 Holy Hour, held every Wednesday, invites everyone to commit to 30 minutes of physical activity and 30 minutes of prayer.

Watch daily mass from Our Lady of Victory, NY.

Whether your walk, run, lift, or stretch, you can share your activities, intentions, and thoughts as you cheer on your teammates from around the country. Join our Strava group and share how you are staying active!

Normally available only to team Patrons, this guidebook offers an expanding resource of favorite prayers, workout routines, and a helpful glossary to keep it all together.