Custom Training Plans

With races cancelled or moving virtual, having a set plan is more important than ever. Whether collaborating to set meaningful goals or ensuring accountability, a coaching plan is an excellent way to stay motivated and focused on achieving your goals.

When it comes to training, there's no quick fix or one size fits all approach. In thinking about the rich tradition of the Church, we see too a great variety of devotions, religious communities, practices of prayer and favorite saints. We are, as St. Paul says, "many parts" in the One Body of Christ. This is seen in how we run and train as well.

Coach Sullivan will work with you to write a training plan designed to help you reach your goals and find joy in the process of getting there.

For some, this may mean earning a BQ, finishing your first 10k, victory at a local Turkey Trot, or just training to stay healthy.

While goals are important and help motivate and focus a training regimen, the guiding philosophy here at Frassati Running is to emphasize the process over the product.

In short, we believe that as runners and as people, we are more than what we produce. Our worth and dignity is derived from our Baptismal identity as sons and daughters of God.

We seek excellence in training, remain dedicated to the task, work hard in the process, but strive to remember that our identity is not found in race results but in the God who has given us the heart and lungs to get moving in the first place.

Fill out the Training Intake Form to tell us a little about yourself or send any questions our way. If you are ready to start training, sign up here (Select 1:1 Coaching).


How does it work?

  • After filling out the inquiry form, we'll reach out to you to begin a conversation about goals and what you would like to get out of a training program.
  • Once your goals are established, we'll get a sense of current fitness level, running history to put together an initial few weeks of training.
  • Athletes will, by default, receive a weekly email with updates and questions on how the week went. Of course, all athletes are encouraged to reach out as questions or injury concerns arise. The purpose of an individual plan is to make it just that - individual - our goal is to make sure the individual athlete is the driving force behind any plan.
  • All athletes will have access to Frassati Running Club team resources, such as the Training Companion and training graphics
  • All FRC athletes will be given an exclusive team training shirt at no additional cost.

How much does it cost?

Individual, customized coaching plans are $40/month

  • The first month is free (for real).
  • Wait you charge?
  • Yes - I've got bills. Also, the money is used to support the creation of other free resources, graphics, reflections, etc.
  • If cost is prohibitive, check out our free plans!

What if I'm not that fast?

Fast is a relative term - every speed, level, and age is welcome

What distance can I train for?

Plans are custom, so we can build a plan for just about any distance. In full disclosure, I have no experience with ultra running or serious sprinting (anything less than a mile), so if you are looking to grab a golden ticket for Western States, there is probably a better suited coach for your needs.

What if I don't have a race in mind yet?

That's alright - we can build a plan around general fitness and endurance and find a race that works as we progress.

I have a pretty busy schedule - I don't really have time to run every day.

Plans can be flexible. While athletes are expected to commit to the overall plan, there's no doubt that life can get pretty hectic. We don't sweat the small stuff here. If you miss a run, or need to cut one short by a little bit to take care of something else, it's all good. What's important is that athletes are committed to an overall goal and keep everything in perspective. Here at FRC, that perspective often means that training doesn't always come first.