Team Training

Team Training Plans

If you are looking to develop a stronger prayer life and/or running habit, this is a great option for you These 8 week plans aren't designed to turn out Olympians (yet) but rather, seek to inspire a greater love and dedication to both running and prayer.

The ultimate aim of these training plans is to offer tools to be used in the pursuit of both athletic and spiritual excellence. You may find that some practices bear fruit, you may find others do not. God has made us many and varied so finding what works for each of us - both athletically and spiritually - will help us grow in the pursuit of both.

This training program is for anyone looking to run a 5K. This program begins with mixing short intervals with walking breaks and leads up to a continuous 3.1 mile run.

This plan is for anyone who has run a 5K before and is looking to run faster. Athletes completing this program should already be running regularly.

Train together with the Frassati Running Club for your next 10k, Half Marathon or Full Marathon

What's Included

Everyone who signs up for a Frassati Running Club training plan joins a community of athletes looking to deepen their prayer lives, grow in holiness, and surround themselves with other people all looking to do the same.

Along with being part of this community, FRC athletes will receive an 8 week training plan which includes directed workouts (or rest days) for each day of the week along with weekly reflections, challenges, inspiring profiles of saints and runners, and can subscribe to our weekly newsletter, The Long Run.

The 8 Week plans are free and FRC athletes wishing to support the team at $2 a month will have access to the entire Frassati Running Club Training Companion to supplement the workouts and prayers in each of the weeks. This short booklet contains helpful explanations on drills, devotionals, and otherwise confusing terms. Further, the Companion contains a good deal of common prayers, popular workouts, and can be used as a great resources to put together a training or prayer regimen that works for any individual.

If you are looking to train for a longer race like a half or full marathon or develop a more advanced 5K plan, check out Frassati Running Club's individual and custom plans.