Join the Frassati Running Club for a 14 week virtual 10k, Half of Full Marathon training group!

The target date for the program is mid-late April, but any Spring race in a similar date range will work just as well.

Members of the Spring Training Group will have access to the following:

1. 14 Week Training Plan with scheduled daily runs, intentional prayers, and bios of inspirational saints and runners.

2. Weekly email updates

3. Group accountability in our private Slack page and team Strava page

4. A Frassati Running vinyl sticker (great for laptops and water bottles)

5. Cost is just $7/month ($21 total)!

6. To keep the cost of the training plan low, training shirts will now be an optional add-on.

Sign up now!

Training starts January 20!

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How does it work?

Each Sunday, athlete's will receive the upcoming week's worth of runs, drills, and suggested prayers.

How much does it cost?

Cost is just $7/month ($21 total) Athlete's can sign up here or directly on the team's Patreon page.

Is there a target race?

The target race is the Coastal Delaware Running Festival (Which has a 5k, 9k, Half and Full option) on April 19, but any Spring race in a similar date range will work just as well.

Is race registration included?

Athletes will train with Frassati Running but will need to register for the race of their choosing individually. Any athlete can join the official Frassati Running team at the Delaware race here.